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SKiiP 38AC126V2

سمیکرون semikron - Six-pack IGBT Six-pack IGBT module with Fast Trench IGBTs technology and 105 amp SKiiP38AC126V2 series


بامر Baumer - Heavy Duty Solid Shaft Absolute heavy duty shaft encoder with EURO B10 flange or PMG10 series B3 flange


بامر Baumer - Industrial Hollow Shaft Absolute hollow shaft encoder with bass cover protocol and 18-bit resolution of singleturn GBAMS series

U 93/16/76

کاشکه kaschke - U & I cores Ferrite U cores type U93/16/76


کندیل Kendeil - DC capacitor DC Electrolytic Aluminum Capacitor Model K01 Series K01400222M0G105

SKKH 58/16 E

سمیکرون semikron - Thyristor-Diode Thyristor/Diode Modules Semipack1 55A-type SKKH58/16E


دوکاتی Ducati - DC capacitor DC Capacitor DC 86 PS series-41686xx95


دوکاتی Ducati - AC three-phase Capacitor Power three phase AC filtering MODULO XD series-416468xxx

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