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U 100/25

کاشکه kaschke - U & I cores Ferrite U cores type U100/25


فراز (مرسن) Ferraz - Bolted type Bolted fuse 17x49, 63A -type BS17GB69V63-G220967

SKN 100

سمیکرون semikron - Stud Screw Fit Diodes Diode Discretes E13 Stud Screw Fit with 100A-type SKN100

HOP 800-SB

لم LEM - Input: current / Output: voltage Current transducer with HOP800SB series open loop sensor technology


فوجی الکتریک Fuji - Seven-pack IGBT Seven-pack IGBT module,50 amp , 1200V voltage 7MBR50UA series

SKKH 132 H4

سمیکرون semikron - Thyristor-Diode Thyristor/Diode Modules Semipack2 128A-type SKKH132H4

EFS 16/7/12

کاشکه kaschke - E & EFS cores Ferrite EFS cores type EFS16/7/12

HS 250

آرکول arcol - Heatsink Resistors Heatsink Resistor with aluminum body HS250 series

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