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SK 50 GAL 065

سمیکرون semikron - Single IGBT Single IGBT module by NPT IGBT technology (Ultrafast), 60 amp, SK50GAL065 series


بامر Baumer - Industrial Hollow Shaft Absolute hollow shaft encoder with bus cover protocol and 13 and 16 bit resolution, single or multiple G1MMH series


لم LEM - Input: current / Output: voltage Current coil transducer with Rogowski ARTB22D70 series technology

U 13/5

کاشکه kaschke - U & I cores Ferrite U cores type U13/5

U 20/7.5

کاشکه kaschke - U & I cores Ferrite U cores type U20/7.5


ولبوف Volboff - Rotary Potentiometers Rotary potentiometer (volume) with resistance range between 1K-10K ohm RPS27 series


کندیل Kendeil - DC capacitor DC Electrolytic Aluminum Capacitor Model K04 Series K04500392M0J143


دوکاتی Ducati - DC capacitor DC Capacitor DC 89 HC series-4168907xx

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